Certification Program in Games Development With Alibaba Cloud

Learn how to launch and deploy a playable game using Alibaba Cloud's leading cloud infrastructure.  

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Games Development With Alibaba Cloud Overview

This Games Development program is ideal for working professional or individuals who wish to explore the possibilities of launching their own game and monetizing from it. The program covers key concepts such as, game development tools, game economics, how games development monetize from games, as well as how Alibaba cloud supports game development using infrastructure such as, ECS, SLB, RDS and many more. This program is delivered through our interactive learning process with live sessions by actual practitioners, actual game projects and deliverables.  


Gen Infiniti Academy Games Development Certification endorsed by Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud ACA and ACP training content and examination coupons provided. 

2 days live interaction live online classes by industry experts.

Exclusive Alibaba Cloud sessions providing step-by-step guidance on hosting and deploying games.

Prototype working game for a realistic hands-on-session.


Pre Cohort Interest Registration

Limited to first 100 seats

Program Duration: 16 Hours

2 Days (13 - 14 December 2021)

Learning Format

Online Live Lessons

Games Development With Alibaba Cloud Advantage

This comprehensive program in Games Development, in partnership with Alibaba Cloud will help you gain a head start to monetize from the video games industry.


This program in Games Development using Alibaba Cloud is in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, one of the world's leading cloud product and service provider. We are committed to students success and providing excellent student experience with a focus on collaboration and creative use of technology.

Upon completion of this program, you will:

Be competent to attempt the ACA and ACP examinations.


Receive 1 time complimentary Alibaba Cloud ACA and ACP Examination coupons.


This program uses syllabus from the Unity Certified Associate program supplement with Gen Infiniti Academy's proven training methods.

Graduates will become a Gen Infiniti Academy Alumni member.

Game resources (Demo Game) provided by Gen Infiniti Academy for the launching process in Alibaba Cloud.

Games Development With Alibaba Cloud Details

Unlock your potentials as a Games Developer with our Games Development With Alibaba Cloud program. You will learn various games development and cloud computing techniques to ensure that you can start monetizing from your game. 

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1. Introduction to the Alibaba Gaming Solution Course 2. The Economics of Game Development 3. Introduction to Game Production 4. Monetization Methods

Games Development Overview

1. Video games overview 2. Browser games solution overview 3. Casual browser games solution overview

Alibaba Cloud - ECS

1. ECS – Concepts

2. ECS – Instances

3. ECS – Storage

4. ECS – Networking

5. ECS – Additional Settings

6. ECS – Recap and Demo

Alibaba Cloud - SLB

1.SLB – Concepts

2.SLB – Architecture

3.SLB – Components

4.SLB – Additional Settings

5.SLB – Recap and Demo

Alibaba Cloud - RDS

1. RDS – Concepts

2. RDS - Instance

3. RDS – Backup & Recovery

4. RDS – Typical Application

5. RDS – Monitoring & Security

6. RDS – Migration Service

7. RDS – Recap and Demo

Alibaba Cloud - Security

1. Alibaba Cloud Security Service Family

2. Cloud Data Security

3. OSS Highlights

4. RDS Highlights

5. Security Center Highlights and Attacks

6. WAF Highlights

7. Network Security

Alibaba Cloud - OSS

1. OSS – Concepts

2. OSS – Architecture

3. OSS – Security Features

4. OSS – Website Hosting and Monitoring

5. OSS – Image Processing

6. OSS – Recap and Demo

Alibaba Cloud - CDN

1. CDN - Concepts & Fundamentals

2. CDN - Architecture

3. CDN - Features

Alibaba Cloud - VPC

1. VPC - Overview

2. VPC - Concept

3. VPC - Components

4. Security groups

Alibaba Cloud - Autoscaling

1. Autoscaling - Overview

2. Autoscaling - Concept

3. Autoscaling - Components

Alibaba Cloud - Launching of Game using Alibaba Cloud

1. Demo and Practical

2. Launching and testing of game system.

3. Test Run and Success

Industry Trend

The video game sector is immensely large. In fact, it is larger than the movie and music industry combined, and it is only growing. It's no surprise that companies want a piece of the pie. In 2020, the gaming industry generated $155 billion in revenue, By 2025, analysts predict the industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue.

As such, tech companies are looking to get involved in this revenue stream. Tech giants such as Google (GOOGL), Facebook (FB), and Apple (AAPL), have all made plans to enter the video game industry.

Games Developer


Rank 7th emerging job in 2017

Only "branded" skillset in the list. source: LinkedIn

Annual $20,000 More

IT Professionals with Unity skills earn $20K more. source: Burning Glass

Games Economics

Global Revenue


Games Development

Top Industry Players

Admission Details

Interested candidates can apply for the Games Development with Alibaba Cloud program in 3 simple steps. Selected candidates will receive an admission offer (once we conclude the initial interest drive) and is accepted by admission fee payment.       

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The program fee for this Games Development With Alibaba Cloud Program is US$100*
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* Learners residing in Singapore are subjected to a 7% GST.

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2 days of live instructor-led training.

Prototype working game for a realistic hands-on-session.

International partnership providing best-in-class contents.

Exclusive Alibaba Cloud sessions providing step-by-step guidance on hosting and deploying games.

Games Development Certification endorsed by Alibaba Cloud. 

Inclusive of ACA and ACP Examination Coupons (worth US$120).