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May 2019



Throughout their 8 classes, our Unity Certified Associate students learnt how to make a 3D game using the Unity engine. These skills were then put to the test when they split into 3 teams to create 1 working game per team. 


These games are:

  1. Slappy Knight by Team Bean 1

  2. Knights Game by Team Bean 2

  3. Dash 3D by Team Bean 3


Each team has 1 week to gather votes. The deadline is Friday, 10 May, 2359, and we will announce the winners by Friday, 17 May.


Winners will be selected based on:

70% Public votes

30% GIA Staff votes


How to vote?

1. Like our Facebook page

2. Like this post

3. Vote for your favourite game

Click here to VOTE!

Whats in it for you?

Once the winning game has been chosen, we will collate the names of those who voted for the winning game. 1 lucky winner will then be chosen to win 2 Golden Village Movie Vouchers that can be used for any movie showing.

Want a higher chance of winning?

After completing steps 1 to 3, comment on the post once and tell us why you like your chosen game.


Please make sure that your profile is set to Public or we may not be able to see your comment. 

We will select the best / most creative answer from those who voted for the winning game. This winner would be walking away with 4 Golden Village tickets that can be used for any movie showing.

Student Games

Student Games

These are games created by our graduating students from our Unity Certified Associate course within 8 lessons.  

Team Bean 1 Game

Slappy Knight

Hack and blast monsters in this 3D game and try to survive as long as you can. 


Knights Game

Aim for the high-score in this 3D game where you control a knight to battle monsters and the ultimate boss. 


Dash 3D

Avoid the obstacles in this 3D dash game and try to clear the stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a voter, can I win in both categories (i.e. win all 6 tickets)?

Yes. Commenting is the only way for voters to enter the draw twice.

2. As a participant, will I be entered into the lucky draw if I vote?

You will be entered into the lucky draw as long as you vote for the winning game.

3. I don't want to vote or like your Facebook page and post. Can I enter the lucky draw with my comment only?

No. You will only be entered if you vote for the game and like our page and post. 

4. What happens if I vote for a game that did not win?

Unfortunately, you would not be entered into the draw in this case. Choose wisely ;)

5. Can I vote for more than one game?

No. Your vote as of Friday, 10 May, 2359 will be considered your final vote.

6. Can I change my vote after the deadline?

All votes are final. 

7. How will you choose the lucky draw winner? 

We will enter all names into a random name picker.

8. Are there any Terms & Conditions that come with entering the draw?

All tickets will expire on 31 October 2019. You can use the tickets for any movie at regular Golden Village showings (i.e. no IMAX, 3D, etc), and will have to exchange the voucher for tickets in-person.

By entering into the draw, you consent to having name and picture published on our social media sites (this is mandatory as proof that we've chosen a winner). 

Winners will be contacted via Facebook. If we do not receive a response within 1 calendar week, another winner will be chosen using the same random name picker.


9. I'm not a student at Gen Infiniti Academy. Can I still vote?

Yes. All who vote for the winning game will be entered into the draw. However, as all vouchers have to be collected and used in Singapore, the lucky draw winner must be based in Singapore. If you're based elsewhere, you can still vote, but will not be eligible for the draw.


10. I have questions that were not answered in this FAQ.

Please contact us via Facebook Messenger or email

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