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Throughout their 8 classes, our Unity Certified Associate students learnt how to make a 3D game using the Unity engine.

Student Games

Student Games

These are games created by our graduating students from our Unity Certified Associate course within 8 lessons.  

Team Bean 1 Game

Slappy Knight

Hack and blast monsters in this 3D game and try to survive as long as you can. 


Chicky Knight

Move around the maze to evade the minions and collect random power ups to assist you to blast your way to beat the high score.


Knights Game

Aim for the high-score in this 3D game where you control a knight to battle monsters and the ultimate boss. 


A Knight's Tale

Move around the arena to defeat enemies. Your character will auto-shoot the enemies and you have an additional bomb ability to blast your enemies. Challenge and contest for the high score.


Dash 3D

Avoid the obstacles in this 3D dash game and try to clear the stage. 

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