Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Gen Infiniti Academy?

Gen Infiniti Academy believes in providing quality courses that help you gain the skills needed to excel in the workplace. All courses are created in collaboration with established companies that have played pivotal roles in their industries. Our curricula and certifications are endorsed by these industry leaders, which ensures that you have the essential skills and an internationally recognised certificate upon successful completion of the course. All trainers have rich experience in their respective fields, and have the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). Eligible trainees can receive course fee support from the following programmes for the Unity Certified Associate and Wiley Certified Data Analyst Course: - CITREP+ - SkillsFuture Credit - NTUC UTAP

How are the courses conducted?

All courses comprise a mixture of e-learning content (with dedicated online Learning Management Systems) and in-person training by our certified instructors.

What is the duration of each course?

It depends on your chosen schedule and course. The Unity Certified Associate game development course has 24 hours of live instruction, which can typically be completed within 4 weeks (excluding public holidays). The Wiley Certified Data Analyst course has 33 hours of live instruction, which are usually completed within 6 to 11 weeks. Our Accelerator Courses has 14 hours of live instruction, which will be completed in 2 days.

Where does Gen Infiniti Academy conduct its lessons?

During the COVID-19 period (and until further notice), all classes are held online. Otherwise, Wiley Certified Data Analyst classes are held at Jurong West, Dhoby Ghaut and Macpherson. Unity Certified Associate classes are held at Jurong West.

How big is the class? What is the teacher to student ratio?

Class size differs per run, but would be a maximum of 20 students per instructor. Most classes will have about 15 to 18 students per instructor.

What happens if I miss a class?

Makeup classes are available for learners at Gen Infiniti Academy. Makeup slots are based in existing classes. Thus, slots will only be allocated if the class size permits. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reserve makeup slots if registration for the class is still open, or if the class is full. Additionally, we will only be able to confirm your makeup class slot closer to the date itself. If your makeup class is for Lesson 1, your slot can only be confirmed one day before the makeup class. Our sincere for any inconvenience caused.


What are the courses provided by Gen Infiniti Academy?

Gen Infiniti Academy provides technical courses on high-income skills. Currently, we offer the following courses: - Unity Certified Associate course for game development - Wiley Certified Data Analyst course - Accelerator courses for kids - zyBooks self-paced courses

How difficult are the certification examinations?

The certification examinations are not difficult to pass if you are sufficiently prepared for the exam. We will provide the necessary resources to prepare you for the examination. More information regarding these resources will be sent to you after you commence classes.

What is the passing rate for the examinations?

Our average passing rate for our exams is around 90 to 95%. This applies only to our certifiable courses, i.e. Unity Certified Associate Wiley Certified Data Analyst

I have no prior experience. Will I be able to understand the content taught in these courses?

Yes. A vast majority of our learners did not have prior knowledge before commencing the course. Each student will have access to online materials that you can refer to for more comprehensive details, and is welcome to approach their instructors for assistance. We also offer makeup classes, which are available only if the class size permits.


Which companies recognise certifications from Gen Infiniti Academy?

All industry certificates are endorsed by established companies like Alibaba Cloud, Wiley and Unity Technologies. Thus, our certificates are recognised internationally and by most, if not all companies.

Do the certifications expire? Do I have to renew it?

The Wiley Certified Data Analyst certificate expires within 3 years, while the Unity Certified Associate certificate expires within 2 years. This is to ensure that all certified graduates are equipped with the most relevant skills needed in the current industry. You can renew the certificate if you wish.

If I have no prior experience, are Gen Infiniti Academy’s certifications able to provide the knowledge and skills I need to join the respective industries?

Unless otherwise stated, our courses are tailored to help beginners learn the necessary skills and concepts without the need to invest large amounts of time or money into courses – especially if you’re not sure about your interest. The courses will thus help you gain a beginner to intermediate level of knowledge. However, further specialisation courses are still needed if you wish to pursue more advanced topics.

Will these certifications benefit me if I have prior experience?

Yes. It boosts your resume by supplementing your current credentials and helps you to reinforce your basics. Since our curricula are endorsed and curated by the certification bodies themselves, you will also learn industry-relevant skills in the course. You can also add our enterprise-level projects into your portfolio.


Will my course fee be subsidised?

Course fee support is only available for the following courses: - Unity Certified Associate - Wiley Certified Data Analyst To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions: - Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident - Attend at least 75% of all classes - Obtain the necessary certificates - Submit all necessary acknowledgements and claim applications within the stipulated deadlines Eligible trainees can receive the CITREP+ course fee support of up to 70% or up to 90% for the Unity Certified Associate and Wiley Certified Data Analyst Course. For full information on CITREP+ eligibility, please visit SkillsFuture Credit is only available for Singaporeans. The amount of Credit you can use depends on the amount you have left and the payable amount. NTUC UTAP is available for all NTUC members, who can offset up to 50% of their unfunded course fee (at a maximum of $250 per year).

How much subsidies am I eligible for?

Please refer to or contact us at for more information.

How does the subsidy process work?

You must submit your SkillsFuture Credits claim before the course commences. This will be used to directly offset your course fee. Then, after getting certified, you must submit your CITREP+ and NTUC UTAP claim applications within the stipulated deadlines. These will be reimbursed directly to your bank account. Please refer to or contact us at for more information.

How do I verify the eligibility of Gen Infiniti Academy’s courses in the CITREP+ funding programme?

Gen Infiniti Academy is a CITREP+ approved course provider. Please follow the steps below to verify this. 1. Go to IMDA’s ICMS portal 2. Under "Course Providers" at the bottom left of the page, select "Gen Infiniti Academy Pte Ltd" If you have any other concerns, please refer to the IMDA CITREP+ FAQ or call the CITREP+ hotline at +65 6324 8737. Alternatively, you may email us at

Can Gen Infiniti Academy submit the claim on my behalf?

All claims must be done by you, the learner. This is because all claim applications will either require your SingPass (IMDA CITREP+ and SkillsFuture Credit) or personal details (NTUC UTAP), which we will not and should not have access to. Please note that to prevent conflict of interest, Gen Infiniti Academy will not submit your final claim for you even if you provide your login details.

Am I still eligible for the subsidy if I fail the examination or miss too many classes?

You must meet at least 75% attendance and pass the examination to be eligible for the subsidy. If you are unable to attend classes, please inform us in writing via WhatsApp or email. Our customer service team will plan and allocate makeup classes accordingly. Please note that makeup classes are only available if the class size permits. Should you fail the examination, you would need to retake the examination at a fee of $214 (for Wiley Certified Data Analysts) or $294.25 (for Unity Certified Associates). Please note that this fee is not covered by any course fee support.

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