5 Reasons Why EVERYONE Needs Data Analytics Skills

Although it has been a hot topic for the last few years, not many people are aware of the power of data science and analytics. Here are 5 reasons why you need to learn data analytics even if you are not in the tech industry.

Demand for Data Analytics Skill Sets

Digital transformation in operations and business models has been found to positively impact performance, and companies are starting to realise this. To facilitate this transformation, more companies are hiring tech professionals – in the last year, demand for tech jobs, including data science and analytics, has increased significantly (20%), and is expected to rise further.

Not in the tech industry? Since digital transformation of a company involves each employee, you will need tech skills regardless of your job role and industry.

Better Remuneration

Professionals with tech skills are high in demand, paid incredibly well and expected to receive the highest pay raises due to the shortage of their specialised skill sets. Moreover, by learning data analytics, you further specialise your skillset and increase your employability, giving you an extra bargaining chip when discussing remuneration with your company.

Job Longevity

Data analytics helps to develop your problem solving and analytical thinking skills, and boosts innovation, for instance, by providing insights on what customers want.