Gen Infiniti Academy's 2019 In A Nutshell

2019 has truly been an interesting and fun-filled year for Gen Infiniti Academy! Thanks to your support, we've grown so much this year. Here are some incredible things that have happened in 2019!

Learner Achievements and Engagement

At the start of the year, we were just finding our footing as a course provider. Our courses were newly launched - the Unity Certified Associate course launched in late Oct 2018, while the Wiley Certified Data Analyst course launched in Dec 2018 - and we had less than 100 students.

We currently have more than 700 students and graduates in both courses.

At our very first Graduation Ceremony, which was graced by Professor Yaacob Ibrahim, we celebrated our students' achievements; for instance, top scorers in our Unity Certified Associate course were awarded prizes.

Throughout the year, we also had different initiatives for our learners, mainly:

For Unity Certified Associates:

- Opportunities to showcase their games on our website (this is open to all future students as well!)

- Mentorship programme to create and monetise their own games

For Wiley Certified Data Analysts:

- Regular Challenge Questions, where students can win prizes if they answer questions correctly

- Capstone projects for students to practise their data analytics skills

For both:

- Opportunities to work with and for our corporate partners (when available)

Collaborations with our Valued Partners

2 memorandum of understandings signed by alibaba cloud and wiley respectively
(L to R) Prof. Yaacob Ibrahim (Former Minister for Communications and Information), Dr. Derek Wang (Alibaba Cloud Singapore), Mr. Emmanual Tay (Gen Infiniti Academy), Mr. Tan Chor Meng (WILEY), Ms. Joyce Law (Unity Technologies)

Earlier this year, we celebrated the partnership between Gen Infiniti Academy and our partners: Alibaba Cloud, Unity Technologies, and WILEY. S