3 Amazing Ways HR Analytics Gives You A Competitive Advantage

As HR personnel, your role is crucial in all businesses and this will never change... right?

You define the employee experience, and your expertise in recruitment, talent retention and employee engagement promote organisational success, but have you thought about what will happen with rapid technological advancement?

Your peers certainly have. A study by KPMG found that 60% of global HR leaders believe that sustainability of HR as we know it depends on whether the industry digitally transforms to meet evolving needs.

To stay relevant, the industry will adapt, and it has. We've already seen a rise of digital solutions in HR – for instance, gamification as part of the employee experience, from recruitment and training to collaborations.

This means that you, too, will need to upskill, or risk being left behind.

What can you do to stay relevant?

Great question. One up-and-coming technology that you'll need is Human Resource Analytics.

Human Resource Analytics (also known as HR Analytics or People Analytics) is the use of data to derive patterns and insights for the HR function, be it recruitment, talent retention, or improvement of the overall employee experience.

Here are some ways you can incorporate HR analytic