Why Should You Learn Game Development with Unity?

Shaping the Future for all Game Creators

What powers Unity is a simple philosophy, which is the world is a better place with more creators. - John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity

Benefits of Unity Platform

Cutting Edge Features with Cross Platform Support

The Unity3D engine will bring your game development to the next level.

Features such as game engine performance, graphics rendering, designer tools, virtual reality and network collaboration are disrupting the landscape of game development.

Unity is built using C# and .NET framework and has advanced profiling tools that provide insights. This subsequently optimises game play performance for a smoother gaming experience.

As of 2018, Unity is compatible across 25 different popular platforms, including Android, iOS, windows and PS4.

We drive ourselves to put the most powerful tools possible in the hands of creators, small and large so they can realize their dreams - John Riccitiello

Supercharging the Development Experience

The designer tools on the Unity3D engine are second to none.

The engine has one of the best graphic rendering tools in the market, and the built-in development of OpenGL graphics API allows world-class graphical display.

Using the engine, cinematic content and game play sequences can be created with high level color grading and effects.

Moreover, with the advancement in 3D technology, incorporating Virtual Reality in its gaming platform provides users a real-life simulation that they can never forget.

Unity also allows network collaboration.

Developers from different teams and regions can work together effectively to simplify their workflow.

Using the cloud-based system, they can easily share and synchronise their scripts, tools or any other files through automation.

As such, Unity is the preferred choice for many developers.

Why Choose Unity?

No Royalty Fees

This is one of the biggest draws for Unity.

Unlike other gaming platforms, it does have a revenue-sharing model, but rather simple a subscription-based business model.

Beginners can start out with a free version and progressively upgrade to their plus and pro tier for greater perks, such as faster access to experts as well as collaboration features.

Simplified Asset Workflows

The platform is very user-friendly and easy to use due to the simplified asset workflow.

For example, developers can simply drag and drop to import several files, and use the beginner-friendly C# when scripting in Unity3D.

They can also easily publish their games on multiple channels or platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox and others.

Reliable Community

The Unity3D engine has robust community training and support.

Beginners and experts alike have a common channel to voice their feedback, get answers, learn tips and tricks, and share their knowledge and experience with one another.


Unity’s game engine is an amazing platform for game developers to easily create their dream game. Features like cross-platform support and cutting-edge tools has certainly simplified game development for both hobbyists and professionals.

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Written by: Guest blogger