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Our 3 Focal Points In 2020

Happy New Year! We're back in the roaring twenties, and change is the only constant. To make sure we all stay on track in the new year, the Gen Infiniti Academy team went on a company retreat to discuss our strategies for 2020, which were categorised into Customer Experience, Giving Value, and Events.

Customer Experience has always been a focus for Gen Infiniti Academy. 2019 saw the implementation of a lot of our learners' feedback, such as:

- Addition of external venues, especially those in central and east Singapore

- Increased payment methods, including bank transfer and on-site credit/debit card payment

- Inclusion of more subsidies, specifically making our courses eligible for UTAP funding

In 2020, we will work on the following to enhance your experience in and out of class:

- Improvement of our makeup class system

- Improvements in feedback collection

- Increased variety of Challenge Question prizes

and more...

This year, we also hope to participate in and host more events. We've been lucky - many of our past students and other companies have contacted us looking for sponsorships, Lunch & Learn opportunities, and collaborations. However, this year, we plan to ramp up this portion to open up opportunities for new and graduated learners. These events will definitely be up on our social media, so do keep a lookout on our Facebook and Instagram! (Of course, feel free to email us for collaboration opportunities too!)

Our Lunch & Learn session with NTU's Energy Research Institute.

We also strongly believe in giving value to our learners and corporate partners. In 2019, we've started a few small projects that we hope to expand on in 2020. One example is the End of Course game, which allows Unity Certified Associate students to host their games on our website for the public to enjoy and suggest improvements. We have many other exciting projects in the pipeline that we think will be really beneficial to our learners and corporate partners. Keep an eye out for them in 2020!

If you have any ideas on how the Gen Infiniti Academy team can do better in 2020, do let us know as well! Once again, happy new year! :-)


Written by: Chloe Thio (Gen Infiniti Academy)

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