Developing a Passion for Coding and Game Development at 9 Years Old

He is only 9, but is able to understand game development classes meant for individuals aged 17 and above. To advance his skills and understanding of game development with the Unity3D engine, he attended a preview of the Unity Certified Associate course.

It is no secret that the government is pushing for tech literacy across all age groups.

Tertiary students and adults have initiatives like the CITREP+ scheme, which allows trainees to receive course fee support of up to 70% or up to 90%, and even those as young as primary school students will be exposed to coding in school.

More young children are also starting to develop a passion in coding. In August 2019, the Gen Infiniti Academy team had the privilege of meeting one such individual.

Passionate in coding and game development, 9-year-old Yu Yang taught himself how to use the Unity3D engine, but had many questions that he could not solve using online resources.

To learn more about game development and to receive advice on these issues, Yu Yang attended the second half of our Unity Certified Associate course, which covered intermediate concepts such as navigation and pathfinding, building characters, particle systems, audio and cameras, user interfaces, and mobile deployment.

9 year old Yu Yang looking at a computer showing his scripts while the instructor, Siang Leng, looks through the code.
Our instructor, Siang Leng, looking through Yu Yang's code during the preview.

While he was in class, we sat down with his mother, Boon Chin, to learn more about her thoughts on his unconventional passions.