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Why Should You Upskill Yourself?

By 2025, machines will execute the majority of current work tasks.

As businesses and societies digitally transform, much of lower-skilled, less specialised work will be automated, leaving specialised, high skilled jobs for humans.

How will this affect workers across different age groups?

First, lets split workers into three age groups: Gen X, Gen Y / Millennials, and Gen Z.

People from Gen X (born 1965 - 1979) are digital immigrants; people who did not grow up with the technologies of today.

Gen Y, or Millennials (born 1980 - 1996), are the first generation of digital natives.

The Millennial Generation grew up in an era of rapid technological advancement. Most were not exposed to the needed tech skills - such as Data Science, Cloud Computing, or Internet of Things - in school as it was not prevalent while they were schooling.

Gen Z (born 1997 - 2015) are digital natives, but unlike Millennials, were born into the age of social media and the digital world.

Those in the younger half of this group can be well versed in tech skills from as yound as 9 years old, and will likely be exposed to necessary tech skills at school.

The sad truth is, as we move towards automation, Gen X and Millennials will find their current skill sets becoming more obsolete.

This isn't necessarily because of the lack of jobs though; there will still be an overall increase in jobs.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, technological advancements will cause easily automated, lower-skilled jobs to decline by 75 million, but boost 133 million analytical and specialised roles.

This presents a huge problem.

If we do not upskill our workforce, workers will find it hard to get or stay employed in the digital age, while employers cannot fill their vacancies with much-needed tech talent.

This is already seen today – in 2019, tech job vacancies were double the national average because employers could not find suitable talent for these jobs.

It is thus crucial for you – regardless whether you are part of Gen X, Millennials, or even the older half of Gen Zs – to upskill and remain relevant in the workplace of the digital age.

Learn more about how you can upskill yourself with necessary skill sets here.


Written by: Chloe Thio & Jacob Chong (Gen Infiniti Academy)

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