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Looking to learn how to build data analytics models or discover the relationships between variables?


In the Statistics for Data Analytics zyBook, you will learn statistics with a focus on regression analysis using R and develop an understanding of the relationships between data, regression model building, and model selection.

Research Proven Excellence

Preferred Choice

80% of surveyed students preferred zyBooks over regular textbooks.

Better Learning

Studies show that students learn 118% more with the minimal text model in only one lesson.

Proven Results

On average, zyBook users improved grades up to ⅔ and read 74% more than users of regular textbooks.

What is a zyBook?

In short, zyBooks are interactive, digital textbooks.


By incorporating available technology, zyBooks make learning fun, interactive and engaging – all while drastically reducing the time spent on learning theoretical concepts.

Course Details

The Statistics for Data Analytics zyBook covers statistical concepts needed for data analytics (specifically, regression analysis) with minimal text, maximum interactivity.


Each purchase comes with...

Highly effective reading materials

Interactive figures & tables

Practice questions

1 year access

What Our Students Say

“I really enjoyed zyBooks for use in my Python class. It has surely aided my success in class and helped me build some confidence in my first year at university.”

Isaac C.

Cal State University, Long Beach

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