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Our application process is as follows:


Fill up the form below with your details so we can reach out to you and guide you through the application process.

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Secure Your Slot with $100 Deposit

Make payment of your deposit so we can ensure you get a slot in our class. This amount will be part of your full payment for the course fees and will be reimbursed to you upon approval of your subsidy status.

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Await Email Confirmation

After completing the steps before, our Gen Infiniti representative will reach out to you to guide you on how to make full payment, prepare for lessons and make your subsidy claim (if eligible).

Await Email Confirmation

Submit Application Form below

Secure Your Slot with $100 Deposit

Please ensure that all information that you provide below is as accurate as possible. This is to ensure smooth facilitation of your application as well as subsidy approval, if you are eligible.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting your application, please check your eligibility for subsidies under CITREP+ here.

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