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Kickstart your coding journey with the Wiley Certified Python Programmer course!

Through the course, you will be able to perform a wealth of practical tasks using Python and become thoroughly conversant with the coding environment of Python, the library of functionalities and the multiple coding styles. You will also have the opportunity to perform multiple labs to make you confident of your Python coding skills.

200 Years of Excellence

WILEY is one of the top four publishers and research institutions worldwide.

Strong Industry Partnerships

As co-chair of the Project DARE Advisory Group, WILEY works closely with governments, businesses and academia.

For the Industry, By the Industry

Curriculum created after intensive research and interviews with stakeholders in the data analytics industry.

Course Details

The course will be a mixture of e-learning content (Dedicated Online Learning Management System) and in-person training by our WILEY Certified Instructors.


In total, there will be six classes of 3 hours each.

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Class Schedules

October Classes

Nov Class 1: 21 Nov - 5 Dec

Sat, 10am - 5pm

@ Online

What Our Students Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Module 1: Introduction to Python

Session 1: Basic Commands
Session 2: Objects Numbers and Strings
Session 3: Loops and Functions
Session 4: Important Packages

Module 2: Data Handling in Python

Session 1: Data Handling Basics
Session 2: Data Handling Operations
Session 3: Merging and Exporting

Module 3: Basic Statistics, Graphs and Reports in Python

Session 1: Basic Statistics
Session 2: Descriptive Statistics
Session 3: Graphs and Plots

Module 4: Data Cleaning and Treatment

Session 1: Introduction to Data Cleaning
Session 2: Categorical Variable Exploration
Session 3: Variable Level Exploration
Session 4: Data Cleaning and Treatments
Session 5: Other Variables



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